Our People offer leadership, diverse skills, experience and knowledge.



Wayne provides over 30 years of diverse structural experience in the design of precast, steel, concrete and masonry structures.


Projects range from total precast concrete structures and parking garages, to multi-million dollar commercial and industrial projects.


Wayne is experienced in precast concrete design, and is a member of CSA's Technical Committee for Reinforced Concrete Design in Canada and the Canadian Precast Concrete Standard, as well as serving on various technical committees including PCI's TAC, BIM, and Architectural Precast committees and the CPCI Precast/Prestressed Technical Committee. Wayne also serves as the Director of the Accredited Certification Organization for the CPCI Precast Concrete Certification Program qualifying precast plants across Canada.

Wayne Kassian, M.Sc., P.Eng. - Principal

Arno has an extensive and diverse background in the building construction and design industries. After several years of developer and general contracting experience, he has spent the last 27 years as a structural engineer on numerous projects.


Arno has experience ranging from complex industrial structures with vibrating equipment to a major multi-million dollar complex for the federal government.

Arno Dyck, M.A.Sc., P.Eng. - Principal

Adrian Law, C.E.T. - Associate

Adrian provides over 24 years of detailing experience with projects ranging from parking garages to multi-storey and industrial structures.


Adrian has extensive experience with buildings across the United States and Canada.

Mohamed Gaafar, M. Sc., P. Eng. - Associate

Mohamed provides over 10 years of experience designing complex industrial and commercial projects, including specialized heavy industrial and civil structures, dams, towers, stacks, rigs, bin structures, conveyors, steel buildings, pipe racks and equipment foundations.


Mohamed is experienced with dynamic analysis and vibration control, as well as blast resistant design.  Mohamed’s diverse experience and highly skilled technical abilities supports our firm’s objective of developing unique and cost effective structural solutions to our projects. 

Kevin Friesen, C.E.T. - Associate

Kevin is recognized by our clients for the quality of his work and commitment to service.  Kevin provides leadership and direction to the BIM/VDC Department, and serves in a lead role on major BIM and VDC projects.


Kevin has extensive experience utilizing 3D BIM on a variety of noteworthy projects, including the utilization of digital data to assist fabricators and site construction using VDC technology.